Snoop Dogg Denies Attacking Fan At Concert

Rapper has been sued by injured fan for $22 million after 2005 Seattle incident.

[article id="1503432"]Snoop Dogg has denied striking a fan[/article] -- who is suing the rapper for millions of dollars -- with a brass-knuckle microphone at a 2005 Seattle concert.

In a Santa Monica, California, court on Monday, Snoop (real name: Calvin Broadus), claimed he went straight to his tour bus immediately after Richard Monroe Jr. rushed the stage at the performance, according to The Associated Press.

Monroe has claimed that he was attacked and had alcohol poured on him during Snoop's performance of "Gin and Juice." According to the rapper's lawyers, Snoop's bodyguards thought the MC was being attacked when Monroe jumped onstage. A video was played in court, and Snoop identified the people involved in the scuffle as being security staff employed by the Game (who also performed at the concert).

That part of the trial brought a moment of levity to the proceedings: When one person on the screen was difficult to identify, Snoop said to his attorney, "Man! I can't [make] it out -- a lot of bald heads."

Monroe claimed he was hit by a microphone and attacked by bodyguards while onstage, and woke up nude, in a pool of blood, after the incident. He said he had gone onstage after what he thought was a request for audience members to join the performers.

Snoop testified that he did not hit the fan, and responded to the claims by telling the courtroom, "The best way for the injuries not to have occurred was for him to stay in his seat and enjoy the show like the rest of the fans."

Monroe's lawyers claimed that the rapper did not have a clear recollection of the events that evening, but the judge did not allow them to ask Snoop if he had used drugs during the concert.

Monroe, who initially brought the case to court in 2006, is seeking $22 million in damages. A 12-person jury will determine whether he receives any money; the trial is expected to last throughout the week.