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Kristen Stewart Jokes About Bella's Dislike For Cats In 'Breaking Dawn'

MTV News caught up with the actress at the red-carpet premiere for 'On the Road' at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Kristen Stewart might not have been on hand to present the [article id="1693351"]new "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" trailer[/article] at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, but she certainly was there in spirit.

The actress was committed to representing her indie film "On the Road" at its red-carpet premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, but MTV News still had the chance to catch up with her and talk to her about the highly anticipated footage that was screened during the VMAs. Since Stewart gets to show off her action skills as Bella in a few new scenes in the trailer, we couldn't resist asking her what her whole vendetta against mountain lions is.

"I don't like cats. I'm a dog person. You know what I'm saying?" she replied with a smile.

It's true, she's developed an attachment to Robert Pattinson's dog, Bear, which he adopted in 2011, and we've seen her walking her mangy pooch around Los Angeles on more than one occasion. But we also know that she does have a soft spot for felines, as Stewart previously said that the love of her life is her cat, Max.

"I'm obsessed with my cat," she told Oprah in 2010. "[We] have a very Edward-and-Bella relationship. It's, like, very co-dependent with my cat."

She might have been far away from "Twilight" mayhem, but Stewart still had a whole posse of fans camped out at the "On the Road" carpet to cheer her on. She told us that she was really touched by their dedication to her films.

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"Dude, I'm really happy that they're here for 'On the Road,' " she said. "I think most of them were fans before I had anything to do with it, which is why they're here anyways, so it's awesome."

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" comes out at long last on November 16, while "On the Road" will bow in theaters in a limited debut starting on December 21.

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