'Zoey 101'’s Mark Del Figgalo Is Now A Stand-Up Comedian

Quinn would approve

Mark Del Figgalo from Zoey 101 left Pacific Coast Academy in 2008, but he continues to make people laugh eight years later.

Jack Salvatore Jr. is still in the entertainment industry, though he's shifted gears from acting into writing and stand-up. He's written two scripts, according to IMDb, and has also written comedy routines.

Recently, Salvatore Jr. shared that he has a new stand-up gig this Friday (May 13) for Big Gin Comedy Night in Los Angeles. This isn't his first rodeo, however, because he's uploaded a couple of videos to his YouTube of past routines from earlier this year.

Honestly, it's a no-brainer Salvatore Jr. would go on to comedy, because his character on Dan Schneider's show was arguably the funniest one. With his deadpan manner and dry sense of humor, it was simply impossible not to laugh at whatever he was doing.

Plus, his Twitter, Vine, and Instagram games are all strong and sprinkled with the goobery charm that is Mark Del Figgalo.


Zoey 101 Mark Del Figgalo

For more information on Salvatore Jr.'s upcoming show, click here.

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