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Dead By Sunrise Or Linkin Park? Chester Bennington Explains

'Linkin Park is going in so many directions it's kind of hard to figure out which songs are which,' singer says.

Members of successful rock bands having side projects or solo careers is nothing new, and it's become even more common as technology has made it easier to record and distribute music. But one conundrum remains: Which ideas go where? And how do you prevent the projects from cannibalizing each other both creatively and commercially?

If anyone knows that situation, it's Chester Bennington, the singer-songwriter of two successful rock outfits: [artist id="960856"]Linkin Park[/artist] (who plan to have a [article id="1624814"]new LP out next year)[/article] and his [artist id="3200362"]Dead By Sunrise[/artist], which released its [article id="1616245"]long-percolating debut LP[/article] earlier this month.

At the [article id="1624673"]Ulalume Music Festival last weekend,[/article] Bennington explained how he can tell what goes where. "I can kind of tell like which songs are a little too grungy, a little too punk-driven [for Linkin Park]."

Bennington also said that the collaborative process with Linkin Park helps make the decision as well. "On a song like 'Let Down,' which I felt really strongly about, I really wanted that song not to change. I didn't want to go in and change the words, I didn't want to change any of the vibe, and I knew that would happen a lot taking it to Linkin Park. So it was pretty easy to figure that out."

However, he admitted that the decision is often not quite so simple.

"As time went on it got easier," he said. "I hear a song like 'Condemned' in my head and I know that's probably not going to end up on a Linkin Park record. But now it's getting really difficult, because Linkin Park is going in so many directions it's kind of hard to figure out which songs are which."