Sneak Peek: Briana Is Rushed To The Hospital On 'Teen Mom: Family Reunion'

A friendly competition took an unexpected turn

Briana's family reunion just took an unexpected (and scary) turn: The teen mom of two is rushed to the hospital in a sneak peek of tomorrow's episode.

"I need some help -- I can't breathe," she repeatedly states after she overly exerts herself in a friendly group obstacle course (organized by new arrival Cory). "I need oxygen."

Paramedics immediately help Briana; she tells them that she does not have asthma, and they check her lungs.

Devoin is understandably concerned for Nova's mom as he observes the incident unfold, and Brittany accompanies her sister to the hospital.

"In through your nose, out through your mouth," Brittany instructs Bri as they are in the car. "Are you passing out? What are you doing?"

Is Brittany able to keep her sister conscious? And how do the other cast members react? Watch the sneak peek, and do not miss Teen Mom: Family Reunion at 8/7c.

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