Finding Celebs To Follow On Snapchat Is About To Become 1000x Easier

Peek will be "the first Snapchat discovery platform," according to app founder Jacob Catalano.

Snapchat's website states, "More than 60% of U.S. 13 to 34 year old smartphone users are Snapchatters." With that many people using the social media app, shouldn't it be easier to find your favorite celebs' accounts, without having to know their convoluted usernames first?

Luckily, there's a new app that launched Tuesday (Dec. 1) that's going to make all your Snapchat woes become a thing of the past. Known as Peek, it's "the very first Snapchat discovery platform that makes it super easy to find and follow the most interesting people on Snapchat," according to app founder Jacob Catalano.

Personally, I've found Snapchat to be somewhat time-consuming when looking up new celebs to follow. Many keep it simple, going by just their first and last name, such as Selena Gomez's username selenagomez. However, others aren't as straightforward. For example, Cody Simpson's username is aussiemuso and Nick Jonas' is jicknonas. Luckily, Peek will be able to fix this search issue.

Here's a quick demo of how the app works.

MTV News asked Catalano, "Once you find a celeb on Peek and start following them, does that transfer over to your Snapchat account?," to get a better understanding of how Peek functions. Catalano replied, "No, if you follow someone on Peek, you JUST follow them on Peek, it does not transfer over to Snapchat. However, if you'd like to add them on Snapchat, we make it very easy for users to copy the celeb's Snapchat username and paste it in Snapchat and add them."

Peek will also help Snapchat users avoid excessive clutter in their news feed. "I've heard time and time again, that the reason people don’t follow more people on Snapchat is because they do not want to clutter their stories feed. They are interested in watching more Snapchat content, but not at the expense of cluttering their feed," Catalano admitted in a post on Medium.

When asked what he hopes people take away from Peek, Catalano said, "Our mission is to uncover and share every perspective in the world. We are starting with mostly [celebrities], but as we grow we will continue to add more and more content to the app, with the goal being to satisfy curiosity on demand. Right now we do a really good job at satisfying the curiosity of someone who is interested in a celeb or creator that is on Peek, but in the future we look to expand that to literally everything — any person, place or thing." We can't wait.

You can download Peek from the iTunes store here.

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