'Scream' Poll: Who's The Shadiest Guy In All Of Lakewood?

We're NOT looking at you, Noah.

Men. You can't live with them, and you can't live without them. But at this point, we're thinking the gals of Lakewood should try going solo.

The reason: This week's episode of "Scream" proved that just about every local resident with an XY chromosome is seriously shady. There were lies, there were schemes, there was a possible murder and there was a shirtless guy with a gun (thanks for the skin, Kieran). So, without further ado, here are the five men who've proven they're just plain trouble (hit it, Taylor!):


General sketchiness and blackmail schemes aside, we now have yet another reason to give Will the side-eye: Emma discovered that he first sought her out during their freshman year -- and slept with her -- just to win a bet. Her response? Hit it again, T-Swift!


Sure, he's already become a semi-violent extortionist before graduating high school (his mom must be SO proud), but this week, Jake sank to an all-time low: After a nuclear fall-out with Will, he threw his BFF under the bus by showing Brooke that incriminating video of her father -- and claiming that Will was the one using it to blackmail him. The icing on the cake: He failed to mention that not only was he in on the scheme too, but it was aaaaaall his idea.

Mayor Maddox

We knew the guy had a secret, and this week, it was revealed: He may have killed his wife. Yeah, no biggie.


Lakewood's newest student continued to raise his hottie quotient (THAT BODY) but displayed a little more creepiness along the way: Bringing Emma to a dark, empty field to have her practice shooting a gun (umm, okay), he first questioned her on how she'd react in an emergency. "You're walking to your car late at night and you have a flat tire. What do you do you?" he asked. Emma's answer -- she'd call AAA -- didn't suffice. "They would never get to you in time," he said. Sound familiar? It should. It's basically the same sentence uttered by the killer during his late-night call to Em three weeks ago. Oh, by the way, did you notice that Kieran was completely MIA during all of last week's episode? Emma sure did. When she asked where he's been lately, he said was out of town dealing with "insurance stuff" regarding his mom's accident. And yeah, that's possible. Or he could have been busy, you know, killing people.

Mr. Branson

First off, he sleeps with students, and that's pretty damn illegal. Now it looks like Mr. B may be the origin of the blackmail ring: When Noah hacked into the school's network, he found malware that could give whoever was using it access to unsuspecting victims' webcams, security systems and smartphones -- victims like Emma (damn that sex tape) and Mayor Maddox. And guess what? The malware was tracked to Mr. Branson's computer. Even worse, when Noah and Audrey got their hands on their teacher's laptop, they found that the malware had numerous user IDs, including ones for each his past student aides: Nina, Tyler and Riley. And we all know what they had in common. "Maybe they all knew Mr. Branson's dirty secret," Audrey whispered, leading Noah to ask, "And what if he killed them all to keep it?" (*Insert gasp here*)

Which Lakewood guy do you think is the most untrustworthy? Take our poll below, then head to the comments section and explain your choice. And be sure to catch another "Scream" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

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