Gwen Stefani's Heartbreaking 'Used To Love You' Video Is Here To Make You Cry

Plus, Gwen talks why her scrapped third album 'didn't feel right.'

Gwen Stefani and Pharrell were hoping they would "Spark The Fire" in the next chapter of Gwen's solo career, but unfortunately that flame has burnt out.

Last year, Gwen teamed up with Pharrell and writer Benny Blanco for her third solo album, and after the release of a few singles ("Spark the Fire," "Baby Don't Lie"), something just "didn't feel right."

“I didn’t feel fulfilled. That record ['Baby Don't Lie'] with Benny was done that way because I had just given birth and had just started on 'The Voice' and felt like I should do something in music, but what was I going to do? There wasn’t enough time," Gwen told Entertainment Weekly. "So I tried to make a record where I was just kind of involved -- which is how a lot of people do it, but it didn’t work for me.”

So, the No Doubt frontwoman decided to put that off to the side and start all over again. She's been working hard on her third solo album since June, and while she didn't say if she's teamed up Pharrell and Benny on the music, she did say that she has more than an album's worth of new material.

“It happened really fast,” she said. “[But] I just feel so lucky to make music. It’s a gift to channel true emotions and then capture them. When I finish a song I listen to it so many times -- until I can’t listen again -- because you learn things about yourself that you didn’t even know you were saying, or needed to say.”

Gwen revealed the first single off her upcoming project, "Used To Love You," a highly emotional ballad, that may or may not be in reference to her recent divorce from her husband of 13 years, Gavin Rossdale.

Gwen just dropped the video for the song, which is equally as tear jerking as the track. The camera remains steadily on the singer throughout the entire song as she is seen thinking and getting quite emotional about the demise of a relationship.

"I needed to go through what I needed to go through to write the record that I needed to write. There was a lot of prayer and meditating in the sense of trying to be open and grateful with this record,” Gwen said. “These songs are really natural -- they’re from not worrying about what happened or what’s going to happen but about living in the moment, from trying to be present and trying to feel.”

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