Watch Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, A$AP Rocky And More Celebs Gush Over Jeremy Scott In New Documentary Trailer

September can't come soon enough.

It's been an insane year for designer Jeremy Scott. From his first Moschino show until now, he's done a NYFW collaboration with Miley Cyrus, designed Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime outfits, and was named designer of the year at the LA Fashion Awards. Basically, dude has been busy. Lucky for us, he decided to film the last 12 months in a documentary called Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer, and today, the first trailer officially dropped. Cue us freaking out.

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We knew Miley and Katy would be making appearances in the film (I mean, KP is the face of Moschino, after all), but dang, it's truly gratifying to hear some of our faves–like A$AP Rocky–gush openly about the longtime designer. "Jeremy Scott changed my life," A$AP says in the trailer. "He kind of put the bridge together between the ghetto and high-end fashion."

The doc also touches on how far Jeremy has come from his beginnings, which started out in rural Missouri. Jeremy's family members allude to how he never quite fit in, and he even said "there would be times I had to sleep on the metro because there was not a place to go."

Another teaser shows a clip of Katy Perry hanging with Jeremy Scott, and in a voice over, she says, "We both don't really take it too seriously, and that is such a different approach in the fashion world where everything is taken seriously. We are the anarchists of fashion."

The film will be released in theaters the day after New York Fashion Week wraps up (September 18!), and according to the film's IMDB page, Jared Leto will also be making an appearance in the doc. Whew, fall can't come soon enough.

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