Kanye West Delivered A Very Kanye West Speech For His 'Shoe Of The Year' Award

Well deserved.

Last night at the Footwear News Achievement Awards, Kanye West was awarded "Shoe of the Year" for his highly coveted Yeezy Boost. A well deserved honor since the shoe has instantly sold out with every release.

Kanye, who wore a black T-shirt and jeans started his speech with a note on his look for the night saying, "You’re thinking, where’s my suit jacket, but if my wife’s not here, no suit jacket." Sorry, Kim.

He also gave a heads up to those who may not be up to hear a signature Kanye West speech in the flesh warning, "If you don’t like 10-minute profanity-ridden speeches that end with a presidential bid, you can go to the bathroom."

Kanye gave insight into his creative process and inspiration for the shoes, and explained how he operates as a designer.

"After the infamous Taylor Swift moment, I did a sort of self exile just to get away from paparazzi and have people not, you know, just f--king with me, really. And the first thing I did was I went to Japan and it was me and Virgil Abloh, who has the brand Off-White, and we just sat on a computer every day with this idea of designing," he said. "We designed on the computer so much we started to joke, ‘Hey, did you wash my jpg?' Because it never got past the computer screen."

While Kim wasn't there in person, she still posted a picture of the event to Instagram saying, "So well deserved!!!! Congrats babe on winning Shoe of the Year Award! I see how hard you work and how meaningful this award is! #JustGettingStarted #Yeezys #Adidas"

So...when can we cop a pair of those Yeezy Boosts?

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