Why Is Justin Timberlake So Terrified In The ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ Video?

The singer doesn't quite know what to do with his face

Justin Timberlake has dropped a new video for “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” and judging by the faces he’s making in it, that feeling is nothing but abject existential terror.

The new single will appear on the soundtrack to the forthcoming DreamWorks film Trolls. Its video definitely doesn't look like another video from a DreamWorks motion picture; it features various citizens of Los Angeles dancing around their respective places of business, which is a music video concept that has never been used before. Especially not for another singer and producer fond of wearing hats.

The video features a few brief clips of animated characters from the movie on the TVs in an electronic store. You can catch a troll twerking for about half a second if you look hard enough.

Between dancing in a parking lot and rocking out at a diner, Timberlake gets some grocery shopping done. Though everyone else in the video seems to be having a great time, the former NSYNC member tends to stare into the camera with a faraway look of pained regret. There’s even a moment toward the end of the video where he’s watching a little kid dance and he looks like his skeleton is about to erupt out of his skin.

Maybe he really, really doesn't like trolls. Or maybe it’s just us. Watch below.

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