Exclusive: Lil Wayne Talks 'No Ceilings' Mixtape

We rundown some tracks and get words from Weezy, in 'Mixtape Daily.'

As promised, we got Lil Wayne talking about his No Ceilings mixtape right here. Weezy F. Baby's first official mixtape of the year -- he's going in, he's going off, the man in his prime. We're going to take you right in the studio as Wayne records his joints. If you want to get the whole tape for free, check out Young Money's new Web site.

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Street King: Lil Wayne

Holding It Down For: Young Money/ Cash Money

Mixtape: No Ceilings

Real Spit: When you're hip-hop's most active touring act and prolific song maker, sometimes your agendas don't mesh. Wayne's been all around the world on his I Am Music tour and Young Money Presents: The America's Most Wanted Music Festival, but he says it's too difficult to record while you're on the road. He has a studio on the bus, but you can't record when the bus is rolling. But now, with touring over and Wayne settled back into his routine of living in the studio, he had time to craft No Ceilings -- No Ceilings because the sky is the limit.

"I don't like to do real songs on there, 'cause the producers be wanting their money," he told DJ Scoob Doo about beat jacking. "So I just do sh-- that's already out. It's easier. N---as be like, 'You killed that n---a on his own song.' That's not the intentions. No, I did not kill nobody on their song. I like the song. That's why I liked it. I didn't kill them. I ain't even rapping like them. I killed their song though."

A leak of the mixtape popped up early last week, but Weezy wants everyone to know that it wasn't the official version -- he recorded more records, such as "Single," the mixtape title track and a unofficial remix to Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams," for the proper version.

"I got great producers and great friends that gave me great beats," Wayne said. "I went in and did four or five new songs."

No Ceilings -- in full -- dropped on Halloween via the new Young Money Web site.

"I'm gonna scare the sh-- out everybody in the muthaf---in' rap game," Wayne told us with a grin.

Wayne and Scoob Doo will be releasing "The Nino Brown Story 2" DVD later this year.

Joints to Check For:

» "Oh Let's Do It." Three minutes and 45 seconds of pure rap dumb-out -- Wayne sounds just as hungry now as before he sold a million albums in one week. Dr. Carter kicks his first lines about [article id="1624434"]his jail sentence next year[/article]. "Lock the CEO up/ And I'm the CEO, f---/ Prison in February, and I ain't in no rush." He also says a farewell to his ever-present cup. "Rest in peace my Styrofoam, now they won't know what I be on." Look out for when he switches flows halfway through.

» "Banned From TV." Weezy goes ape over classic Swizz Beatz from Noreaga's posse cut. "Bi---, I'm in the building/ You just decorating," he raps. "I'm just detonating, then I get blatant/ More dangerous than Internet dating/ Scoob got the cameras on, so I gotta show off/ I put your sister, I'll knock your bro off."

Then there's the line that has the whole sports world talking. "Smoke weed, talk sh-- like Lane Kiffin." Kiffin, of course, is the controversial coach of the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team. Weezy loves sports.

» "Watch My Shoes." Weezy immortalized the beat from 3 Deep's song of the same title. Wayne talks about making love to the beat and digesting his comp. "I'm so unfit because all I eat is rappers/ And these rapper ain't sh--/ I like my fast food faster."

» "Sweet Dreams." Beyoncé featuring Nicki Minaj -- the Young Money millionaires get in where they fit in, adding extra spice to B's smash. Nick has an array of one-liners referencing Plaxico Burress, "Kung Fu Panda" and our favorite, Falcon Heene: "I'm everywhere/ You like balloon boy, you was never there." Meanwhile, Wayne does it for the show, coming "cold as Theraflu," igniting a lyrical powder keg.

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