Avril Lavigne Is Grown-Up And Gorgeous In New Video: Watch

'Here's To Never Growing Up'? Not anymore.

Almost a year after releasing the candy-coated clip for “Hello Kitty,” the Canadian singer is back with one last video from her 2013 self-titled album.

“Give You What You Like” is an introspective ballad that shows off Av’s more mature and subdued side. It’s definitely a far departure from the album’s previous, party-ready singles, “Rock N Roll,” “Hello Kitty,” and “Here’s To Never Growing Up.”

And when you think about it, that totally makes sense. After all, she’s now 30 years old (!!) and happily settled down with her hubby, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.

The new “Give You What You Like” video echoes that maturity and finds a black-clad Avril singing in a beautiful candlelit room. The clip is heavily interspersed with scenes from the upcoming Lifetime movie “Babysitter’s Black Book,” which tells the story of a group of girls who turn their babysitting business into an escort service for dads.

We’re psyched to see Avril reemerge looking and sounding better than ever, especially after announcing in December that she was suffering from a mysterious health issue. Hopefully this new single is a sign that she's launching a killer comeback!



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