Tyler, The Creator And His Army Of Clones Burned Down The Grammys

Charlie Wilson and Boyz II Men tried their best to quell the rising temperatures

Tyler, The Creator brought an absolutely wild performance to the stage at the 62nd Grammy Awards. Yes, he wore the blond wig. Yes, he chose a creepy suit to wear with it to complete the silhouette that he’s obsessed with. And, finally, yes, it’s Igor to the max – wondrously colorful, ridiculously over-the-top, and it will be the topic of water-cooler conversation for weeks, and maybe years, to come. With both Charlie Wilson and legendary R&B group Boyz II Men, Tyler brought some phenomenal energy to both "Earfquake" and "New Magic Wand" with an epic live show.

Boyz II Men and Charlie Wilson kicked the performance off around a fire, singing the song's watery vocals while Tyler stood beside them, vibing to the music. Tyler then did an intense breathing exercise before elevating the creep factor, swelling his eyeballs until they were about to pop. He then switched over to "New Magic Wand" while red lights flashed chaotically behind them and, in signature Tyler fashion, he went unhinged. Clones of him then stormed the stage as he elevated into the air.

Could Tyler get any weirder? Of course! The camera began to shake like an earfquake and Tyler and his clones began jumping like madmen, only for Boyz II Men to calm everyone down with their silky smooth voices. After a moment of peace, the earfquake raged again as the neighborhood backdrop melted around him, giving Tyler the appearance of a wicked demon. Once the madness reached a boiling point, Tyler fell into the ground, swallowed up by the chaos.

Tyler, The Creator’s Igor-inspired performance could be a sign of what’s coming: he's nominated for the Grammy for Best Rap Album. The rapper dropped the LP last May and warned fans that it wasn’t going to be some boilerplate musical smoothie of just bars and hard beats. Seriously. He demanded, in all caps, for fans to loosen their minds when consuming it. “'DON'T GO INTO THIS EXPECTING A RAP ALBUM. DON'T GO INTO THIS EXPECTING ANY ALBUM,” he screamed, very literaturely (that’s definitely not a word), in a note posted to Twitter.