Haylie Duff Calls Being Pregnant For '7th' 'A Stretch'

Actress/singer playing expectant college student in WB drama.

HOLLYWOOD -- Haylie Duff wants to stretch her acting muscles, and what better way than by sporting some, uh, stretch marks?

The elder Duff sister will be injecting a bit of spice into the WB's family-oriented drama "7th Heaven" as she comes onboard as a pregnant college student for the show's 10th season.

"I come into the show as Simon [David Gallagher]'s girlfriend's friend from college. She's like a total random girl that enters the family and basically needs their help," Duff said backstage at a Candie's event celebrating Hilary's new endorsement deal on Monday. "I actually start work on the show tomorrow, so I'm really excited about it."

The 20-year-old, who wrapped filming on the heiress-themed flick "Material Girls" with Hilary in May (see [article id="274540"]"Duff Sisters Living Large In 'Material' World"[/article]), can't wait to sink her teeth into her first major television role.

"It's cool because she's such a strong character. I am pregnant on the show, which is kind of crazy, and it's a big stretch for me, but I feel so lucky to be able to work with a cast on a show that is so well put together," she said.

Duff also will tackle a handful of film roles after "7th Heaven" wraps at the end of the year.

"I've got a film called 'Counterfeit' that's being put together right now and a film called 'I Remember.' I'm really excited about those roles because they're totally different [than what I'm used to]. They're much edgier," she said.

In "I Remember," Duff will play the ultimate mean girl. "My character is this really bitchy, crazy girl in high school, and she actually ends up dying to the Miss America song which is pretty cool," she laughed. The film tracks a young woman as she deals with the aftermath of the brutal massacre of her parents. Jamie-Lynn DiScala ("The Sopranos"), Andrew Keegan ("Thunder Alley") and Beverley Mitchell ("7th Heaven") will co-star.

"I'm really excited about doing a darker role because this one isn't like a slasher film with tons of blood and gore," Duff said. "It's more inside your head and deals with nightmares and stuff like that."

With a full plate of acting gigs, the young actress has been forced to put her musical aspirations on the backburner -- at least for now.

"I haven't even been working on my album," Duff admitted. "There was all those problems with the music stuff before [see [article id="1489998"]"Leak Complicates Paris/Haylie Fight Over Who Gets 'Screwed' "[/article]], so I kind of steered clear of that for awhile and just focused on other things. But I'll come back to it, eventually."

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