An 'Aladdin' Prequel Is Coming - 6 Stories We Wish To See

It'll be a whole new world.

Continuing its new-ish tradition of reviving its animated classics collection into live-action fare, Disney has announced that it’ll be delivering an “Aladdin” prequel movie next, with the intention of following that up with a live-action version of the story we know and love down the road.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the new flick will be titled “Genies” and will revolve around the backstory of the wish-giver and how he ended up becoming a slave to the rub lamp in the first place.

Our feelings about this news can basically be summed up by this little move:


Genie Dance GIF

Already we’re queuing up our list of wants for this because “Wonderful! Magnificent! Glorious! Punctual!”

Here are a few wishlist items for what we hope this pic’ll cover.

The Genie Circa 10,000 Years Ago


Genie Dance GIF 2

Since the new movie is going to be titled “Genies” and tell us how the cool blue djinn came to be stuck in that tiny little lamp for a hundred lifetimes, we’re pretty sure they’re going to be rubbing up on this one.

But we have some specific questions, like, who else did he serve during his time as a slave to wishes, and what did his subjects want? Were his pop culture references always so advanced? Or did he grant someone’s request to see into the 21st Century and take notes for his sing-song showcase (which would explain, like, a LOT about his lyrics)? Details.

The Adventures of Aladdin and Abu


ALaddin Abu GIF

As far as we know, these two have always been thick as thieves, but surely there’s a fun story there. Was Abu slipping paws into pockets before he met Al, or did they become career street schemers together? And who taught them to match open-chest outfits (and those hats!!) so on fleekly? Street rat, schmeet rat. Need. To. Know.

What About Jasmine’s Mom?


Jasmine Sultan GIF

We know it’s an old Disney tradition to kill off all the princesses’ moms before we ever get to the “once upon a time” bit, but we’re especially intrigued by the Sultan’s single father status. What happened to Sultana? Was she also BFFs with ridiculously dangerous wild animals, spending her downtime perched on terrifyingly high balconies?

Did Iago Ever Have Any Birdy Friends?


Iago Aladdin GIF

Before he took his perch on Jafar’s shoulder to do some bad deeding around Agrabah, was Iago just your everyday feathered friend, perhaps chumming it up with Zazu down in the savannah? Or has his beak always been that crooked?

The Magic of Carpet


Magic Carpet ALaddin GIF

Carpet was a threaded thrill, and we just have to know more about the fabric of this character’s life. How did he end up in the Cave of Wonders? Did a toothy Old Man have anything to do with it? How did Carpet know all the best views in the kingdom so well? Stories -- there are stories.

Jafar, Jafar, He’s Our Man!


Jafar GIF

When we met Jafar, he was already hellbent on world (OK, OK just kingdom) domination. But was he ever, like, a normal little kid? We’ve seen baddies’ backstories become super sympathetic with revisionist histories like “Wicked” and “Maleficent,” so is there any retelling that could paint the spindly foe in a favorable light? THAT would be fascinating. Yes.

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