Chris Hemsworth Improvised The Best Joke In 'Ghostbusters'

The hilarious story behind ‘Mike Hat’

Chris Hemsworth doesn't get enough credit for his humor. Admittedly, it's probably because audiences are often too distracted by his Asgardian muscles and unfairly perfect face to notice. In Ghostbusters, however, Hemsworth not only keeps up with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and scene-stealer Kate McKinnon as their hot-yet-dumb secretary Kevin, but he also walks away with the best joke in the entire film: Mike Hat.

If you've seen Ghostbusters, then you know all about Kevin's dog, Mike Hat. (His full name is Michael Hat.) This scene is remarkable for several reasons. One, it's hilarious that Kevin has a dog named Mike Hat, which he pronounces "My Cat." Two, the comedic chemistry between Hemsworth and McCarthy in this scene is 1,000 flaming fire emojis. And three, the entire thing was improvised by Hemsworth.

Say whaaaaat.

"That whole interview scene was about an hour long when we shot it. Paul [Feig] just shot everything. So much stuff just spiraled," writer Katie Dippold told MTV News. "They started talking about whether he could bring his cat to work, and then Chris just started improvising."

And just like that, Mike Hat was born: "He's not only amazing at everything, but he's also a really hilarious improviser, which is crazy."

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Chris Hemsworth

Mike Hat isn't Hemsworth's only meme-worthy contribution to Ghostbusters. In fact, he accidentally inspired Kevin's memorable look. In the film Kevin wears glasses with no lenses (so he doesn't have to clean them), a quirk McCarthy's character Abby can't seem to let go.

"My other favorite moment -- and this is probably my favorite moment in the movie -- is when Chris rubs his eyes while wearing his glasses and you realize he doesn't have any lenses. That was a total accident," Dippold said. "They just took out the glass because the light was showing in the camera. It was reflecting. While shooting the scene, he naturally scratched his eye, and Melissa, being so funny, was like, ‘I'm sorry. Hold on a second. Why no glass?' And they just ran with that whole thing."

So not only is Hemsworth extremely good-looking and an incredible dad, but he's naturally funny too? By Odin's beard, that's just unfair.