POSTED: Walk The Moon Explain What's Up With The Face Paint (VIDEO)

Walk The Moon explain WTH is up with the face paint.

If you're like us, you've been obsessively listening to Walk The Moon's self-titled debut album on repeat -- "Anna Sun" is, after all, the official song of the summer after all. Luckily, we can keep feeding your obsession since the group is the MTV POSTED artist for July, meaning we'll be following their every move at all month long but in a healthy, non-stalkerish way.

We're still in awe of their musical magic after watching the band perform an acoustic version of "Next In Line" (on a cardboard box!), but we still demanded answers about the genesis of that whole face paint thing.

+ Watch Walk The Moon discuss their adventures in face paint after the jump!

In this week's video, lead singer Nicholas Petricca explains all the face paint look: "We had this Peter Pan and The Lost Boys' vibe to the 'Anna Sun' video, and we brought in face paint as a sort of 'Hook' warpaint thing." He continues to tell us how they had face painting stations at their record release party (WHY WEREN'T WE THERE?!?!). And, eventually, face paint became their trademark. So don't be surprised if you see an entire room of people who look like the cover of a Tom Tom Club album when you hit up one of the band's live performances while they tour with fun. this summer. We're just glad we finally have a good excuse to draw on ourselves.

+ Watch Walk The Moon discuss their love for face paint.

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