Britney Pregnant Again

Singer confirms news during Tuesday's taping of 'Late Show With David Letterman.'

Since January, there's been talk that Britney Spears is pregnant again -- a rumor her camp has repeatedly denied. But that rumor gained steam in late April, when Us Weekly and "Access Hollywood" reported that unnamed sources had confirmed the news to them. Now the singer's confirming the news herself, with an appearance on CBS' "The Late Show With David Letterman" on Tuesday (May 9).

(Click here to watch Britney break the baby news on "The Late Show With David Letterman.")

"Are you expecting more children, do you think?" Letterman asked the singer.

"Yes," she smiled.

"Are you going to ask her the question we all want to know?" bandleader Paul Shaffer interjected.

"I kind of did."

"That sounds like it's down the road," Shaffer replied. "She said yes, but we still don't know if she's, you know, currently with child."

"Don't worry, Dave," Spears responded. "It's not yours."

"That's good news for both of us!" Letterman laughed.

According to Us Weekly's previous report, the singer discovered she was pregnant in early February and is now four months along, while "Access Hollywood" puts the timetable at Spears being five months along. However, since early February, Spears spokesperson Leslie Sloane Zelnick has issued various phrasings of denial, from "This story is incorrect" to "Not true. Not pregnant." Now, however, the official word from Britney's camp is "Yes."

When Spears was spotted drinking -- most notably at husband Kevin Federline's birthday party last month, where she reportedly imbibed amaretto sours, champagne and a cosmopolitan -- tongues wagged about the ill-advised combination of drinking while pregnant. Zelnick then told the press, "Britney's not pregnant, and if she were, she wouldn't drink."

Britney breaks baby news on "The Late Show With David Letterman"

However, Us Weekly claims the drinks were all nonalcoholic -- to fake us out. The magazine claims Spears has been ordering mocktails instead of cocktails "to keep up the illusion that she was still partying," to conceal a pregnancy. This was partly due to speculation that her parenting skills were below par when she was photographed driving with infant son Sean Preston on her lap in early February and then, two months later, when he fell from his high chair (see [article id="1528464"]"Child Welfare Officials Visit Britney Spears Over Sean Preston Injury"[/article]), prompting two inquiries by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

For Spears to be four (or even five) months along at this point, she would have to have conceived in mid-January (or mid-December), just four (or three) months after giving birth to Sean Preston, who is almost eight months old (see [article id="1509603"]"Britney Spears Gives Birth To A Baby Boy"[/article]).

Similar rumors preceded Spears' eventual announcement that she was pregnant the first time (see [article id="1500021"]"It's Official: Britney's Pregnant"[/article]). And at the time, Spears had just criticized Us Weekly for running reports suggesting that her weight gain could mean she was expecting.

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