Todrick Hall Is Ready To 'Let The Freaks Out'

The YouTube star reveals plans for his next video in this sneak peek from 'Todrick''s premiere episode.

Todrick Hall left his Texas roots to pursue his dreams in Hollywood, and the YouTube star has been creating and producing viral hits ever since landing in the City of Angels. So it's only appropriate that during the premiere episode of the YouTube star's eponymous MTV docu-series on August 31, his West Coast home is serving as the inspiration for his latest project -- or, more like the unique folks who reside there.

"A lot of people refer to this city as Holly-weird," the immensely talented innovator reveals in the sneak peek below. "And you know how people, when they're irrelevant, they start doing crazy things and try to get their name back in the limelight so they can be in the tabloids and TMZ and on the news every single night," he continues explaining to his dynamic team. "And they basically let their freak out."

Presenting... "Who Let the Freaks Out?" -- Toddy's idea for his next visual video! What's the MTV star's vision for his latest piece of work? And which lucky celebrities are the crew planning to portray? Watch the teaser to find out, be sure to catch "Todrick" on Monday, August 31 at 10/9c -- and see Toddy at the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday at 9/8c!