9 Times Veronica Roth Was Totally Dauntless With Her Hair

We pledge full allegiance to Veronica Roth's 'short hair don't care' stylings.

All aboard, initiates!

It's "Divergent Series" author Veronica Roth's 27th birthday today (Aug. 19), and while it's totally gift enough that she's occupied so much space on various best-seller lists during the past few years, we still wanted to light a few metaphorical candles on her Dauntless cake. Because we're Dauntless and we love to bring the FIYAH.

But seriously, our girl V has accomplished a lot in her still-young career, including inspiring us with her very brave approach to hair styling. Ever since she chopped off her mane all Tris-in-"Insurgent"-style (not a coincidence, by the way) she's been winning the mane game.

So, here's our happy b-day tribute to the dystopian dame and her daring 'dos!

First of all, we love it when she worked in some chunky sweep bangs and the tiniest hint of copper tint.

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2013 Book Expo America - Day 1

Werk, V, werk.

But we also dug it when she did the dramatic side part that let her full face shine.

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Summit Entertainment'

Like, she's actually glowing, and if we're being Candor about it, we're more than a little jeal of her flawless complexion.

Veronica can also totally pull off the messy I-woke-up-like-this look.

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She's basically blessed with the most versatile profile EVER.

We loved this pin-up swoop move she whipped out, too.

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Dressy with a dash of sass.

Her platinum top sprunch here was a work of art.

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Roth had us all vying to be the first jumper on board this style train, for sure.

We also dug what she did here with the classic bob approach.

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And don't even get us started on those rad earrings.

Of course, V knows how to do casual-cute too.

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19th Annual Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books - Day 2

She's almost too adorable.

Meanwhile, her slicked-down look is also right on point.

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Veronica Roth Attends The

Given the fact that she's an unabashed "Harry Potter" supernerd, we suspect she's trying to make Draco Malfoy green with envy here.

Last but absolutely not least, we were obsessed -- OBSESSED -- with this retro-glam spike.

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Her level of chic is BEYOND.