Ready Or Not: Yoko Ono Albums To Be Reissued

Waiting for Yoko's albums to be reissued? The wait is almost over.

For those of you who feel like maybe it's time you gave Yoko a chance, but

weren't hearty enough to plunk down a half a week's paycheck on 1992's 6-CD

set, Onobox, Rykodisc is splitting the difference. Beginning on May

20th, the label will present 11 different Yoko Ono and Plastic Ono Band albums,

all of which are being remixed and remastered as needed by Ono herself. Nearly

80% of these tracks were previously available in the box.

The first wave of

releases will be unleashed on May 20 with the four titles, Unfinished Music

#1: Two Virgins, an album or tape manipulation and random noises reportedly

made the night before Ono and John Lennon made love for the first time; its

sequel, Unfinished Music #2: Life With the Lions, which deals with Ono's

subsequent miscarriage and also contains a "song" called "Radio Play," 12

minutes of random radio dial-turning; the collaborative The Wedding

Album, whose second song is a 22 minute drone consisting of the couple

calling each other's name and, finally, the first Plastic Ono Band album,

Yoko Ono with the Plastic Ono Band.

The next set of four releases

(June 10) contains what many considered to be the first post-punk record

(ironic, since it pre-dated punk), the noisy, experimental Fly, credited

to Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band. Also released on that day are two other

Plastic Ono Band Yoko titles, and

Feeling the Space. Also included will be Ono's cathartic, personal

album, Season of Glass. July 1st will bring the last set of three

releases, It's Alright (I See Rainbows), Star Peace and A

Story, a previously unreleased album that was included in the box set. Ono

is currently searching for some appropriate bonus tracks for the releases.