Watch Shirtless Henry Cavill Work Out to Get 'Super' Buff

Warner Bros. spent an estimated $225 million to get "Man of Steel" off the ground. For all of the work that went into casting, special effects, storytelling and marketing, it's important not to overlook one crucial element: Henry Cavill's work in the gym!

A couple of decades ago, The Joker famously asked, "Where does he get all of those wonderful toys?" Cavill's first turn wearing Superman's cape has people asking, "How did he get those wonderful pecs?" In a brand new video from The National Guard (of all places), Cavill can be seen sweating it out with big heavy weights. It's a great lesson in hard work, a great instructional on getting into superhero shape and — let's face it — wonderful eye candy for folks who'd prefer to just admire the results of someone else's hard work.

The "Soldier of Steel" video series offers up exactly what you'd expect: real-life heroes getting into shape to do what they do best. Superman has always stood for truth, justice and the American Way (except in "Superman Returns" where that was changed to "truth, justice, all that stuff" much to the chagrin of right-wing bloggers everywhere) and so it makes sense that The National Guard, who stand for the same things, would incorporate the "Man of Steel" hype into their recruiting campaigns.

Henry Cavill of course helped muscle "Man of Steel" into smashing some June box office records, so that physique certainly paid off. Now he's gonna have to maintain it for "Man of Steel 2" and "Justice League," am I right?