Gwen Stacy Cosplays As Every Marvel Hero In These Exclusive Comic Covers

Everything's coming up Gwen!

Last year during Marvel's Spider-Man-filled "Edge of Spider-Verse" storyline (you know that part in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" when Titus sings about all the Spider-Men fighting each other? It was kind of like that), comic book readers were introduced to a fresh, awesome take on a beloved Spider-franchise character -- Gwen Stacy, in an alternate reality where she was bit by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker and becomes Spider-Woman.

The new Gwen was so instantaneously popular that she's not only starring in her own series called "Spider-Gwen," but she'll also be taking over the entire Marvel Comics catalog this June via an awesome series of 20 different variant covers. Want to see Gwen become the Incredible Hulk? There's art for that. Think she'd be able to rock every single look worn by the '90s X-Men team? Yup, she's doing that too.

MTV is excited to bring you an exclusive first look at the covers for "Thors #1," "Magneto #19," "X-Men '92 #1," and "Secret Wars" -- or, as they're calling it, "Thor, Gwen of Thunder," "Gweneto," "X-Gwen," and "The Agwengers."

(You're going to make posters of all of these, right Marvel? Because I'm gonna need a wall-sized version of the the full Gwen Stacy Avenger line-up right now.)

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