Bella Thorne And Abigail Breslin Weigh In On Kim Kardashian’s Nude Photo Debate

Twitter's getting weird, guys

In what's perhaps the strangest Twitter feud of 2016 so far, Kim Kardashian tweeted back at Chloë Moretzin a very Kanye West-esque manner — after the Neighbors 2 actress voiced her opinions about Kardashian's recent nude photo.

Instead of making snide (yet hilarious) remarks about the pic like Bette Midler did, Moretz explained why she felt like Kardashian's photo was in poor taste.

But while Moretz's response was phrased in a polite manner, she was still ~suggesting~ what another woman should and should not do with her own body.

Of course, Kardashian threw more tea than the Sons of Liberty did at the Boston Tea Party when she let Moretz know exactly how she felt about the actress's comments.

FYI, that Nylon dig was in response to Moretz's semi-nude cover in the magazine's December/January 2015-2016 issue.

Naturally, the Twittersphere lit up like a Christmas tree, tweeting and subtweeting opinions right and left, including responses from Bella Thorne and Abigail Breslin.

Both actresses sided with Kardashian's decision to post the photo and were upset with people telling another woman how to live and what to do.

It should be noted that Thorne's tweets were directed to the Twitter user with the handle @chloemoretz_, which is not the same as Moretz's verified @ChloeGMoretz. But it still seems like a safe bet that Throne was referring to Moretz's comments on the whole March 7 Nude Photo Extravaganza event.

Breslin shared similar sentiments but got right to the heart of the matter.

She also brought up the point of every woman's biggest enemy: the dreaded double standard.


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