Lady Gaga Unveils Elaborate 'Born This Way' Stage

Mother Monster tweets out a sketch of the stage, which takes on a gothic castle theme.

Lady Gaga is going all out for her Born This Way Ball. As promised, on Tuesday (February 7), the singer revealed a sketch of what her forthcoming [article id="1678472"]tour stage[/article] will look like.

"I'm so excited. The Haus has been working so hard, we can't wait for you to see it!!" she wrote in the lead-up to the reveal, before adding, "Love you Little Monsters, have the time of your life."

So what should all those Little Monsters expect from the one and only Mother Monster for this trek? It looks like the Born This Way Ball will be taking place in an elaborately designed gothic castle that includes intricate details like viewing towers, cross-like carvings and a catwalk that extends right into the audience, bringing Gaga close to her many legions of dedicated fans.

The look is a far cry from her [article id="1658395"]Monster Ball tour[/article], which was set in modern-day New York City, complete with a subway car, lighted marquees and, yes, a giant monster that Gaga and her dancers had to defeat in order to attend the oft-teased Monster Ball.

This new tour will kick off sometime this year and continue right through 2013. Haus member and BTW producer Fernando Garibay shared with MTV News in December that the show will be reflective of the 2011 album. "This album was the most personal [because of] the amount of detail that went into this record, the amount of passion [and] emotion from her and the team," he said. "Every song was a story towards the Born This Way theme. We're excited now, putting that into the tour and expressing that on a live performance level.

"You can imagine what happened on the Monster Ball, so use your imagination," he said. "That's what's going to happen, exaggerated."

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