Celebrate National Junk Food Day With… Beer-Flavored Oreos?

A 'yes, please' list for the glorious people at Nabisco.

Words by Anu Valia and Art by Katie Torn and Shira Inbar

Although Fried Chicken Oreos aren't happening anytime soon, that doesn't mean we can't beg the glorious people at Nabisco to fulfill our most extreme Oreo fantasties. In honor of National Junk Food Day, our friends at MTV Other cooked up some more cookie flavors we wish existed. Remember Watermelon Oreos?

Deep Space Oreos

The only thing that would make that sweet, sweet cream better would be to add real stardust to it. This would drive the price up a pretty penny, but come on: IT'S REAL STARDUST.

Vegetable Oreos

It's hard to get your daily dose of vegetables. Stick a few florets of broccoli in there, and you'll guarantee healthy bones for kids all across the country.

No-Cream Oreos

Forget Double Stuff. For those of you who don't want the cream diluting that rich, chocolate cookie taste, just remove the middle, man.


Living a vegetarian lifestyle? Need some more iron in your diet? Mix that cream with blood and you're in business. Also good for Halloween.

Ramen Oreos

Give ramen, the latest dining craze, some staying power by adding it to the most traditional of cookies.

Beer/Bourbon Oreos

For the many times you've said, "Wow, I love Oreos, but I'd love them more if they got me drunk."

Doughnut Oreos

Well, this goes without saying.

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