'Captain America 2': Anthony Mackie's Falcon Audition Revealed!

'The Winter Soldier' star unveils Marvel Studios' surprising audition process to MTV News.

Earlier this week, MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" star Anthony Mackie to discuss everything about the upcoming Marvel Studios sequel. And as Horowitz found out, not only did Mackie do everything in his power to get the part, it wasn't even the first time he auditioned for a Marvel movie:

As Mackie reveals, he first went before the Marvel execs for a part in this past summer's "Iron Man 3," which begs the question: what part, exactly, did he go in for? Was The Falcon originally supposed to appear in the threequel? Or was Mackie up for something else, maybe bad guy Eric Savin, who was eventually played by James Badge Dale? Either way, Mackie didn't get it, but he did make sure he stayed in the Marvel mix.

"Once a month, for three years," said Mackie, referencing the frequency he called Marvel studios to see if he could have a part in one of their movies. Six months after the "Iron Man 3" audition, Mackie was called in for a meeting with "Cap 2" directors the Russos.

But that didn't mean Mackie had a better idea what was in store for him. At the meeting, he wasn't given a script, and the Russos -- and Marvel execs -- wouldn't even tell the actor what he would be doing in the movie. "Can I read the script?" asked Mackie, only to be told he could read after he had already signed for the movie. "And then I went and thought about it... It is Marvel, and all of their movies are really good. So why not?"

Once he finally did sign on, Mackie found that though the script might be good, things weren't exactly what he expected, given that Chris Evans' Captain America shoulders the bulk of the action. "They sold me that I was the second lead in the movie, so there's a point where Cap gets hurt, and [I] do everything for Cap. And I get the script, and... that's not true," said Mackie, laughing. "I get hurt, not Cap!"

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Lastly, on the quality level of the movie -- and its relationship to the blockbuster "Marvel's The Avengers" -- Mackie said, "It's good. It's very good, I don't want to blow it up. It's very different from the first 'Captain America.' To me, it's 'Avengers 1.5.' "

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" hits theaters on April 4, 2014.

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