'Batman Eternal #23' Reveals Catwoman's Father

Writer Tim Seeley post-games the latest issue of DC's Comic.

Each week, MTV News is breaking down the big moments in DC Comics' "Batman Eternal," the weekly series that is redefining Gotham City as we know it.

This week, we chatted with writer Tim Seeley about one big reveal means for Selina Kyle, and what an Earthquake means for Gotham City's future (or lack of it):

MTV News: The big revelation this issue is, as some fans guessed, that Rex is Selina’s father. Obviously they don’t have the best relationship, but what does this add to Selina’s character? And will we find out more about what tore them apart?

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Tim Seeley: I think it gives her a sense of history, and ties her into the twisted tapestry of Gotham City. But, more importantly I think it gives her a new motivation, and an explanation to her dedication to a life of thievery that's always been balanced out with a fair amount of philanthropy. Selina was born to be a criminal, but part of her has spent her whole life rebelling against the legacy by occasionally walking on the side of angels. I think that forbidden aspect is also part of what makes her so attracted to Batman.

MTV: Why does Rex think only Selina can unite Gotham’s crime families?

Seeley: We'll see more than coming up, so I don't want to give too much away,but Rex's reputation and connections are still valuable, especially in a time of upheaval and chaos in the criminal underground.

MTV: The earthquake is certainly shades of Batman events past… Should we be looking at other epic end of Gotham scenarios for clues as to what might happen next? And is this part of the big bad’s plan?

Seeley: I think the BME team loves to acknowledge the history of Batman and throw in nods to fan favorite moments. But, in general, BME is it's own thing, so don't expect it to end like Knightfall or something.

MTV: When the Beacon Tower doesn’t fall, Hush seems upset, but rolls with it… Is he basically improvising at this point?

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Seeley: One of the things we wanted to play up bout Hush's personality is that he's very much a strategical and tactical genius, which involves a lot of rolling with it. Hush isn't the epitome of chaos the way Joker is...he's the long-game orchestrator.

MTV: Bard makes a big move at the end, to declare martial law, and says its all the work of one person. Is he going to float a suspect here?

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Seeley: I think that's a good assessment.

MTV: And I guess we’ll find out, but how far back does this plan go? He mentions Zero Year, so has Bard been working on this for five long years?

Seeley: Bard's "origin" story gets covered in a future issue, but I think it's probably fair to say Bard has been playing a long game too...we're forcing Batman to go against villains that are as dedicated and patient as he is.

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