Allison Iraheta Gets 'Brotherly' Advice From Adam Lambert

Former 'American Idol' contestant feels 'so much more comfortable' performing than she did a year ago.

Night after night, Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour invades a city and throws a big glittery party for its residents. And night after night, provided the venue isn't 21+, Lambert's "American Idol" pal Allison Iraheta kicks off the festivities with an opening set that is as ferocious and colorful as her fiery hair.

When the Glam Nation Tour hit New York City this summer, Iraheta told MTV News that being on the road with Adam Lambert is as wild and crazy as you might imagine. "We are sharing the bus with Adam's band ... The energy on that bus is insane. We entertain ourselves, pretty much. We don't play board games," she smiled, refusing to divulge any behind-the-scenes dirt.

Iraheta has grown close to all of the players in the Glam Nation Tour, from her own bandmates to co-opener Orianthi (who appears on Allison's latest single, "Don't Waste the Pretty") to Adam's bassist (and occasional onstage makeout buddy) Tommy Joe Ratliff, whom she's gearing up to prank. "I think I'm just gonna steal Tommy's glitter. Or lip gloss. What is he gonna do without that?" she joked.

But the 18-year-old promises she's not being corrupted by the rock and roll on-the-road lifestyle. (Don't worry, Mama Iraheta!) "[Adam's] always giving me the advice, the brotherly advice," she said. If anything, being surrounded by such seasoned professionals has helped Allison come into her own as a performer.

"Let me just say that on the 'Idol' tour, I was all over the place ...

which is why I lost my voice every other night. But now I guess you learn," Allison said. "I feel so much more comfortable onstage."

Perhaps that increased comfort is why Iraheta's opening slot quickly became one of the tour's highlights -- so much so that fans created an online petition to keep Allison on the road with the Glam

family through October. (Originally, she was only booked to perform the first half of the tour.)

Which means Allison now has plenty of time to execute her glittery prank. Keep your lip gloss locked up, Tommy.

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