J.K. Rowling Helped A Fan Design Her Dream 'Harry Potter' Tattoo

'You deserve this,' Rowling wrote

One lucky fan just got something a whole lot cooler than J.K. Rowling's autograph. On Wednesday, May 11, a Twitter user named Kate tweeted a heartfelt request to the Harry Potter author.

"I’ve been through (and am still going through) so many things in my life, from sexual assault to bullying to attempted suicide 8 times," Kate revealed. "I’m also trying my hardest to stop self-harming. ... I wanna get 'expecto patronum' tattooed on the wrist I usually cut the most."

But before Kate could get her meaningful tattoo, she needed a quick favor from Rowling: her handwriting spelling out the famous phrase.

"Please, Jo," Kate continued, "I know I can slowly start two recover, but I need your help to do so. You’ve always been there and I know you’ll always be."

Rowling, being the awesome human she is, happily fulfilled Kate's request and then some.

"I love that you're working to heal and protect yourself," she responded. "You deserve this. I hope it helps."

Naturally, Harry Potter fans were stoked at Rowling's thoughtful response. Some people even decided they'd like to get the same tattoo as Kate.

Kate's totally cool with this, by the way. She knows Rowling's scrawled penmanship was meant for her, which really is the most ~magical~ part of this.

Hopefully that Patronus Charm can keep the dementors away.