Wale Says Meek Mill Brought A Pencil To A Gun Fight In His Drake Beef

Folarin breaks down the Meek/Drizzy feud.

Where were you when Meek Mill launched his epic Twitter attack on Drake back in July?

Like many of us, Wale was watching from afar. "Somebody probably be off the drink right now," he thought to himself, according to his latest interview with Power 105. "It’s not a good look."

Surprisingly, Wale and Meek -- who had their own back-and-forth last year -- haven't spoken since the Mill/Drizzy beef began. The Album About Nothing MC says he's "called him several times," but hasn't heard back. Still, when asked about the feud, Folarin definitely had an opinion.

"I honestly think he brought a pencil to a gun fight," Wale said of Meek. "He ain't bring a knife. He brought a pencil and a piece of paper. He tried to paper cut him to death. You can’t compete with somebody that got them type of relationships."

He may not have agreed with Meek's strategy (he even said he was willing to help with a "game plan") but he also thinks nothing would have really helped -- not even "Ether 3.0."

"It not a fair battle," Folarin explained. "Drake is dope, but Drake can say, 'I went to the bathroom. I had to pee.' N----s would've been like, 'Damn! This n---a said he had to pee!'"

The beef has obviously cooled down some since July, but is this the end of the Drake and Meek saga?

"Who knows what's about to happen?" Wale said. "But timing is everything. Timing is definitely everything."

Today Wale also unleashed a series of bangers on Soundcloud. Here they are:

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