Daniel Radcliffe Knows More About Football Than Most Americans

Sorry, Kellen Clemens.

Most fans of Daniel Radcliffe can probably name their favorite quidditch players. But it's pretty impressive that Radcliffe can do the same for American (and, you know, real) sports.

Radcliffe is a self-proclaimed big fan of the National Football League, so MTV News' Josh Horowitz decided to put his boasting to the test in a new "After Hours."

The challenge: could Radcliffe name each starting quarterback for every NFL team?

"Try me," Radcliffe said.

With a list in hand, Horowitz fired off team after team to Radcliffe, with Radcliffe quickly and emphatically answering correctly. He even named every quarterback for the Browns last season, which would probably be hard for most Cleveland fans to do.

"Oh cool, so you're asking me starting and backups, that's fine," Radcliffe joked.

Even with backups, Radcliffe was unfazed, even providing Petyon Manning's backup, Brock Osweiler, causing Josh to tell him, "You truly are an American, cause you're showing off."

Radcliffe kept going, getting E.J. Manuel and Thad Lewis for the Bills, Matt Schaub and Casey Keenum for the Texans, Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel for the Vikings (he left out Josh Freeman, but we'll forgive him).

Everything was going great, until they came to the St. Louis Rams.

"Oh I feel so bad for this guy, because I've literally remembered every other person who plays for the NFL now," Radcliffe said while racking his brain. To be fair, it would have been easier in past seasons, but Sam Bradford was hurt for the majority of 2013, leading to Radcliffe's brain freeze.

Finally Horowitz had to give him the first name, Kellen, and while Radcliffe initially said Kellen Winslow (who's a tight end), he eventually came to that missing QB link: Kellen Clemens.

"Oh man, I almost had 'em, didn't I? That was almost it," Radcliffe said.

In fact, Clemens was the only QB Radcliffe didn't get of all the teams in the league, which isn't too bad for the Brit. In fact, I'd say it's probably better than a vast majority of American fans could have done.

So bravo, Mr. Radcliffe! You're now officially an honorary American, at least when it comes to football. And wizarding.