Miley Cyrus' New Pasties Give New Meaning To The Old 'Headlights' Joke

*bows down*

In just a few short years, Miley has shot up the ranks to become Queen of the Pasties. But where does one go when they've reached the top? When the ice cream cones, disco balls, and butterflies don't pack the same punch they used to? Well, if you're Miley, you cop daisy ones with LED lights in them.

Miley posted this photo to Instagram last night with the caption, "Put some LEDz on dem t--z" and she's not kidding. Miley got her pasties from Sasswear, an online costume accessories shop owned by Kelly Taylor that sells pasties, body decor, and oversized light-up wings. Kelly's been selling her pasties for over two years and was "blown away" to find Miley wearing her designs.

"Miley is a trendsetter," Kelly told MTV over an email. "While it may sound a bit self-serving, of course I love her wearing pasties all the time. On a more serious note, I feel that Miley's courage regarding sexuality empowers women to be who and what they want to be, and wear what they want to, whenever they want to wear it."

Miley's been outspoken about pasties as a means to empower women, and Kelly couldn't agree more.

"Pasties are all about fun," she said. "Regardless of body type, any woman can wear them. Since mine light up, they can even be worn under a shirt to give a really unique effect."

With Miley hosting this year's VMAs, we can only imagine this won't be the last time we'll see the light-up pasties.

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