Sia, Miguel, And Queen Latifah Get Revolutionary On 'Hamilton'’s ‘Satisfied’

We totally wish we were in the room when this happened

The Hamilton soundtrack is a glorious work in and of itself, but then they had to go and remix it by tapping the talents of a mind-blowingly good group of artists for The Hamilton Mixtape.

Tracks from the reimagined Broadway work are finally seeing their release, and the first, Sia’s “Satisfied,” has us basking in the glory of her belting voice.

For the track, Sia teamed up with Miguel and Queen Latifah to break down one of the best vocal performances of the production in a totally new way.

We get heartache, we get longing, we get the fiercest vocals you could possibly imagine, and we get a set of scorching bars from Queen Latifah — it’s all a worthy retooling of the historic and historically inspired soundtrack for one of the most revolutionary works to hit the Broadway stage. (And popular music, too, for that matter.)

The Hamilton Mixtape drops December 4, so congrats! You officially have three weeks to see if you can sing along to Latifah’s clip by the time the whole thing hits your Spotify playlist.

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