Gwar Plans Online Electrocution

In an outstanding example of suffering for your art (or at least for your publicity), Gwar's Slymenstra plans to send 200,000 volts of electricity through her body while immersed in water on Friday.

The stunt will take place during the band's performance at the Dragon*con sci-fi convention in Atlanta on June 30 and will be carried live on the Internet that evening at the online Webcam center

Fans of Gwar are accustomed to the band's onstage antics, which typically involve latex gore, fake phalluses, and a liberal amount of theatrical blood. The group released its latest album, "We Kill Everything," last year and also recently spawned a board game. As Gwar frontman Odorus Urungus explained at the time, the gory hijinks help the band "appeal to the 12-year-old, pimply-faced, drink-Big-Gulps-all-day and hang-out-at-the-comic-book-store-only-to-be molested-by-the-shop's-owner demographic" (see [article id="1429836"]"Gwar Explains How The

Plot [And The Ooze] Thickens On New Album"[/article]).

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