Elle Fanning Is Nearly Unrecognizable On Her Latest Magazine Cover

She's a model now, thanks

Elle Fanning may not technically be a model, but she does a pretty good job at convincing us otherwise. Her latest cover for V Magazine is definitely her most high-fashion yet, and she's showing off all the posing chops she learned from her latest role in upcoming thriller The Neon Demon.

V Magazine/Steven Klein


In the movie, Elle plays a model alongside a real-life one, Abbey Lee Kershaw, who she says gave her the tips of the trade she never knew about.

"In a weird way I kind of idolized [Abbey Lee] when I was young because I loved fashion," she told the mag. "She had to teach me how to do the walk for the casting scene. I thought she was just walking, and she was like, ‘No, there’re rules to it. You can’t move your arms. Lean back. Make your legs look longer.' It’s so intense."

Well, if acting never takes off, at least Elle has a new plan B to fall back on.

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