Lil Wayne's 'Uproar' Video Is A Party So Proper Shiggy Had To Be There

It's the #UproarChallenge after all

Lil Wayne was one of the stars of the BET Hip Hop Awards earlier this week. Accepting the I Am Hip Hop trophy during the ceremony, Weezy took time out to thank the off-duty police officer who saved his life after a suicide attempt at age 12. The result was a resounding round of applause and a standing O from the crowd (including folks like Busta Rhymes).

With all that in mind, it's good to know that A) Tha Carter V has been out there for nearly a month now, and B) Wayne's latest video for "Uproar" is a celebratory affair, complete with appearances by Swizz Beatz and by the maker of all things celebratory, Shiggy. It's the #UproarChallenge, y'all. Join in.

When the album dropped in late September, the challenge went wide, so it only made sense that the song's video would capture the experience. And with Wayne's smiling face and plenty of dancers ecstatically making the song's electricity come to life, it's a proper celebration indeed.

That tenor makes sense given the piled-up legal battles that prevented Tha Carter V from being released for about four years. In an interview on The Tonight Show earlier this month, Weezy elaborated a bit on how the troubles sidelined his creativity.

"I'm so into what I'm doing every day, meaning my craft, that when I have to go too far into something else, I put somebody else in charge of it," he said. "When there's somebody else that was in charge of it messes up, then everything blows up. That's how everything blew up. We just needed the debris to clear."

In the "Uproar" video, there's not a trace of debris to found. And it feels good. Check out the clip above.

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