Superhero Flicks: Super-Fashionable? Lois Lane, Mary Jane Pop Up In Fall Lines

They may be fictional, but these heroines have style worthy of fall 2006's racks.

Everyone recognizes Superman's fitted red-and-blue ensemble with calf-high red boots and the big S emblazed on his chest. And Spider-Man's stretchy red-and-blue spandex outfit is ubiquitous on Halloween nights.

But some of the other stars of the biggest superhero blockbusters also have distinctive styles that are actually having an impact on today's fashion trends -- in fact, leading ladies Mary Jane Watson and Lois Lane's looks are popping up in some of fall 2006's lines (and "Spider-Man 3" isn't even due until May 2007).

"These days in fashion, anything goes, so elements in each character's wardrobe could be worked into your fall 2006 wardrobe," said Kim Martin, fashion and beauty news editor at In Touch magazine. "The best pieces to get your inspiration from are Ms. Lane's menswear-inspired fabrics, a vest or two -- and definitely steal Mary Jane's Missoni-style knits."

Lois Lane, played by Kate Bosworth in this year's "Superman Returns," manages to look impeccable in well-tailored suits, silk blouses and long-hemmed skirts. ([article id="1540311"]Click here to see runway fashions inspired by Lois Lane.[/article])

Her fashion sense aptly reflects her sassy personality and her serious investigative reporter job at Metropolis' Daily Planet. She stays comfortable in smart attire, and her clothing provides a touch of flair while it allows her to maintain a conservative appearance.

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Lois may play it safe, fashionwise, but she's not alone: Across the board, designers are starting to offer up more conventional clothes easily summed up by terms like clean, constructed and calm. "I'm simply bored with too much sexy," designer Yohji Yamamoto said backstage at his 2006 Paris fall fashion show (apologies to Justin Timberlake).

At the Louis Vuitton fall show in Paris, an oversized tweed coat was paired with slouchy, relaxed trousers. Valentino showcased slim black suits, swingy coats and white silk blouses with papery ruffles. Viktor & Rolf added a little glitz to their reserved line by sprinkling silver drops on their wool suits and insetting silver chains at the hem.

But although many houses are turning to calmer, more reserved designs, they're also showing sweet and cute fall lines -- just right for lovable "Spider-Man" heroine Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst). As a rising model and actress, Mary Jane rocks trendy, current, fresh clothing. So you might see her strutting down the streets of SoHo in a blood-red chiffon dress with a deep V-neck from Calvin Klein, or, for cool fall nights, a cropped Asian-inspired jacket by Tracy Reese. "Independent and empowered, her fashion reflects a definite personality, attitude, drive and point of view," Martin said.

Martin also noted that "the biggest standout trends of the fall season -- bubble skirts, Napoleonic accents (think big brass buttons and embroidery on fitted double-breasted jackets) and the return of the '90s grunge look -- are all missing from both films." So maybe superhero flicks don't have full superpowers when it comes to predicting fashion trends -- but you're still more likely to find one of Lois Lane's skirts on the rack rather than some Superman-style spandex this year.

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