We Asked An Expert To Help Us With Our Post-Graduation Job Search Angst

CEO and 'The Career Playbook' author James Citrin gives MTV News breaks down his 'career triangle' for recent grads.

Class of 2015, are you already feeling the post-graduation angst? I know the struggle can be real. Thankfully, James Citrin, CEO of Spencer Stuart, a consulting firm, shared some of his insight with MTV News. He does know a thing or two about careers -- I mean, he literally wrote the book on it, titled "The Career Playbook."

"Here’s the thing with jobs," Jim told us, "You want it all and, actually, the good news is you can have it all. The bad news is you can’t all have it at once. I call it the career triangle."

Jim explained that it's normal that the desires for money, job satisfaction, and a fulfilling lifestyle might seem to be "at war with one another." But just because you might choose to focus on one category, it doesn't mean you're committed to it forever. "You can recognize that in the next couple of years, I’m going to focus on this aspect of the career triangle," he said.


Here's what Citrin's 'Career Triangle' looks like, in his own words:

Job Satisfaction

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"What I mean by job satisfaction is, what is the inherent importance of the job that you’ll be working on? Are you working for an organization that’s truly doing important work? Are you in a role adding value? Are you having an impact? Are you learning? Are you being an important member of society moving things forward? That inherently leads to satisfying work. That’s job satisfaction."



"We all want to have a flexible lifestyle. Some jobs have more, some less. Some jobs have brutal, long hours. Some have tons of control over your schedule and others have little control. Are you working on weekends? Are you working on holidays? Do you work overnight shifts? Are you in a city or a location that you want to be in? You can optimize [your job search] for [good] lifestyle but sometimes that is at the expense of job satisfaction."


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"If you want to maximize [your job search] money, there are ways to do that. But sometimes you have to give up on lifestyle. Some of the jobs that pay the most, you have to work the longest hours and the most difficult conditions. And sometimes that, working on jobs that give you the most money, actually is incredibly boring and you feel like you sold out to 'the man.' You’re not changing the world. But if you’re changing the world? Yeah, a lot of people want to change the world. But it’s hard to make enough money to live the life, sorry."

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