Surprise Surprise: Miley Cyrus Is A Musician In New 'Black Mirror' Trailer

Anthony Mackie, Topher Grace, and more will star in the show's fifth season

Black Mirror is Netflix's most mysterious series. It tells the stories of worlds touched by technology in the worst way, giving us a bleak look at what our own world could look like if we continue to attach ourselves to technical cords. However each episode starts, there's literally no way to predict what could happen. So trailers for the show are hard to describe and make determining what characters are going to do in these digital worlds.

But there's one thing to note in Netflix's new trailer for the fifth season of Black Mirror, released today (May 15): In an upcoming episode, Miley Cyrus will be a performing artist of sorts, potentially mirroring her own career thus far.

Beyond that, though, it's hard to tell what's going on. The nearly two-minute trailer is a masterful tease, showing us glimpses of three stories that will play out: There's a man with a gun in a standoff with police, then there's another man with a tech imprint in his eyes, looking at a beautiful woman.

Lastly, there's Miley, in the midst of performing onstage with backup dancers, looking oddly close to real life. But these glimpses of stories are warped, showcasing shouting matches, still bodies in beds, and video game-like fighting matches. At a certain point, Miley isn't visible anymore. There's no telling what she'll be doing. There's definitely more to it than her just being a star musician.

In addition to Miley, Black Mirror's new season will star Anthony Mackie, Topher Grace, Andrew Scott, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Damson Idris, and more. The hype for the forthcoming season is especially high after its interactive film, Bandersnatch, released in December.

Watch Miley Cyrus perform in the trailer up above.