9 Times Jimmy Fallon Saved 'SNL' By Totally Screwing It Up

I don't care what your daddy says, Fallon's birthday is neeeeeeeeeeeear.

These days, Jimmy Fallon is a more professional sight than he once was, wearing a suit and tie, interviewing global figures and top tier celebrities like it's his job — because, well, it is!

But before "The Tonight Show," there was "The Barry Gibb Talk Show," itself part of another show: "Saturday Night Live," the legendary late night series designed to crack you up — and, apparently, designed to utterly destroy Fallon as well. He famously cracked up in the middle of numerous sketches throughout his time on the show, unable to keep a straight face at the sight of Will Ferrell moaning and groaning in a hot tub, or even during something as innocent as a one-note holiday song.

All that said, Fallon breaking character pretty much made the sketch every single time. His inability to hold it together dragged everyone down around him more often than not, and the disaster was the best part of the whole show. Looking back on it, Jimmy's greatest "SNL" weakness was among his greatest strengths.

With Fallon turning 41 today, let's reflect back on nine of the best times he saved an "SNL" sketch by totally screwing it up.

The Time Jimmy Almost Ruined Christmas

He couldn't even make it ten seconds into the song without cracking up. It's spectacular.

The Time Jimmy Could Not Handle Will Ferrell In A Hot Tub


The Time Jimmy Screwed Up Donnie's Party

This one is amazing, IRREGARDLESS of the mess ups, bros. Seriously, bro.

The Time Jimmy Experienced Too Much Cowbell

In Fallon's defense, pretty much everyone was on the verge of messing this up.

The Time Debbie Downer Destroyed Jimmy

Womp womp womp.

The Time Jimmy Lost It At Jeffrey's

He's losing it right from the start, but when Horatio Sanz shows up with his genuine Looney Toons jacket and half-eaten taco? Forget it.

The Time Jimmy Could Not Figure Out His Backpack

And obviously could not figure out his rhymes, either. Sweet pone, though.

The Time Jimmy's Leather Suit Made So Much Noise

The sound of snake skin. It is too much.

The Time Jimmy Hosted A No Nonsense Talk Show

His Barry Gibb is on the shelf, but otherwise, the times have not changed all that much.