Drake Teases Third Meek Mill Dis Track During OVO Fest Takedown

'3 Peat' is up next.

TORONTO, CANADA -- Drake has fielded a fair amount of criticism for his tendency to dish out "subliminal shots" to enemies rather than declaring outright war, but as of Monday night, August 3, critics can put a line through that complaint.

After dissing Meek Mill "Back to Back" with two tracks last week, the Toronto rapper went in for the kill during his 6ixth annual OVO Fest, at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre.

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He knew fans were wondering if, or how, he would address the feud with Meek, so he cut the suspense and went on the attack immediately. Before we saw Drake on stage, we saw the image of an iPhone battery being "Charged Up"...and when the bar hit 100 percent, Pandora's box opened.

Drizzy played his first dis track for just a few seconds, then immediately switched to "Back to Back," adding insult to rap injury by showing dozens of anti-Meek memes in the background while he performed.

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These were the same memes that flooded the Internet after he dropped "Back to Back." And there's absolutely nothing subliminal about that.

With the crowd still going crazy -- I, personally, was trying to wrap my head around what had just happened -- Drake finished the track and raised his voice over chants of "F--k Meek Mill" to say, "You did it to yourself boy. I'll never let nobody disrespect my city and everything that we stand for."

No one could've seen it coming so swiftly, and so brutally.

And, unbelievably enough -- after that he paused, like nothing had even happened. Drake calmly and cooly put the beef on hold for a few minutes, to introduce his "idols" and special guests Kanye West and Pharrell (plus he let Future "F--k Up Some Commas"). He let them all be great, and then got back to business.

Later in the night, while performing "Energy," he directed a previously general line directly at Meek, spitting, "I got rap n---as that I gotta act like I like/ But my acting days are over, f--k that n---a for life."

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And, being true to the title of his fan-favorite dis track, he dropped "Back to Back" a couple more times and even teased "3 Peat," which would be the third track in his strategic takedown of Meek. He got "Charged Up," he struck him "Back to Back" and as he repeatedly told the audience while strutting confidently around the stage: "He ain't ready for that '3 Peat.'"

He gave us a sample of what's to come, referencing Meek Mill's Dreamchasers label as he spit, "Been saying f---k a chaser when we taking shots."

And don't think for a second that Drake regretted this. Backstage, it seems like he shared a pretty good laugh with Kanye West and Will Smith (who's originally from Philadelphia, like Meek Mill) over the shots he took at Meek. Now, everyone's glued to their computer's waiting for "3 Peat" to drop.

You've gotta give credit to this man for spitting a line like "trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers," and then turning around to use Twitter and Instagram to assault Meek in front of thousands of fans.

Last year, Drake told the world that Meek delivered "one of the best rap moments of our generation" with his "Dreams and Nightmares Intro." I'm wondering how he'd describe the jaw-dropping spectacle that we saw at OVO Fest tonight.

In addition to roasting Meek, he also commissioned a full set from one 'Ye, who he still refers to as one of his idols. Their relationship has come full circle since Kanye's brief OVO Fest cameo back in 2013.

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