Let Gwen Stefani’s ‘Misery’ Video Be Your Summer Fashion Inspo

All the flower crowns and liberty spikes you could ask for

Gwen Stefani is known as much for her fashion as for her music, but she’s never rocked quite this many looks in a single video before.

The visual for “Misery” sees the No Doubt singer dancing through various empty industrial spaces wearing super dramatic outfits. She walks effortlessly down some stairs in patent leather, thigh-high stilettos; she rocks a Liberty crown like it’s no big deal. She even brings some I Dream of Jeannie vibes with some drapey pink chiffon.

“Misery” is the third single from Stefani’s comeback solo album This Is What the Truth Feels Like. Like “Make Me Like You,” it’s all about the bittersweet buzz of falling for someone new, and its video captures that energy well.

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