Kid Cudi Leaves Lady Gaga Tour

In statement, MC cites scheduling commitments, but altercation with fan last weekend may have played a role.

After less than a month, Kid Cudi's [article id="1627259"]opening stint on Lady Gaga's Monster's Ball Tour[/article] is over. On Wednesday (December 16), Cudi announced via a statement that due to time conflicts, he has decided to leave the tour.

"Kid Cudi has decided to take an early leave of absence from Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour, in order to balance his schedule surrounding the recording of his next album and acting commitments," the statement reads. "Cudi does not want to disappoint his fans and will move forward with his individual show dates in December and throughout the month of January."

While it wasn't addressed in the statement or by reps, [article id="1628171"]Cudi's altercation with a fan in Vancouver[/article] over the weekend may have played a role in his departure from the tour. At Saturday night's show, Cudi put down his mic and leaped off the stage after a fan threw a wallet onto the stage and Cudi threw it back into the crowd. Spectator Michael Sharpe told TMZ that he caught the wallet, but it was not his, so he threw it back onstage. That apparently infuriated Cudi, because there is online footage of the MC taking out his ear monitors and jumping toward the barricade that separated the crowd from the stage. In the footage, Cudi appears to throw a punch into the crowd. Sharpe told TMZ that Cudi hit him but he had no plans to press charges.

Ironically, Cudi was named by GQ magazine as a [article id="1626662"]"gangsta killer of the year"[/article] for helping, along with Drake and Wale, to break the stereotype of gangsta rappers.

As for [article id="1627473"]Cudder,[/article]

the album that Cudi is leaving the tour to work on, Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg are among his planned collaborators.