Jon Favreau & Genndy Tartakovsky Of 'Samurai Jack' Form One-Two Punch For 'Iron Man 2'

This morning, posted the first part of a two-part, extensive interview with the writer/director/producer, where he addressed the current status of "Iron Man 2" and also broke news that will no doubt get fanboys worked up into a tizzy -- specifically that "Samurai Jack" creator Genndy Tartakovsky will be joining the production and working with Favreau, collaborating on fight sequences in the highly anticipated sequel.

"I’ve always liked 'Samurai Jack' and I loved his 'Clone Wars' vignettes that he did," Favreau is quoted in the interview. "Now clearly his stuff is a bit broad for a live-action film but I love his rhythm and his attention to detail. It has a real comic booky feel but yet it feels cinematic and not gimmicky and even his cartoons feel… there’s an elegance to them. So in this process as we’re storyboarding and designing sequences he and his team have come in and I’m working with them and they’re working on collaborating with us on the project and that’s a new wrinkle and it allows me… I feel like I’m really learning a lot from collaborating with this guy."

Favreau also gave anxious fans a status update on the production, saying, "[Screenwriter] Justin [Theroux]’s almost done with the first draft of the script. And we’re boarding and been creating animatics for the action sequences. We’re starting to do some location scouting and designing some sets and figuring out how much of it we want to… you know, what techniques we’re going to use."

Lastly, Favreau also makes mention of the possibility of filming "Iron Man 2" for IMAX, hoping that the film's budget will permit an IMAX release a la "The Dark Knight."

Happy to hear that Tartakovsky's on board for "Iron Man 2?" What did you think of "Samurai Jack" or his take on "Star Wars: Clone Wars?" Think this is a match made in comic book heaven? Talk about it in the comments.

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