Robbie From 'Victorious' Wants To Bone A Demon And Our Childhood Is Obliterated

Cat is probably shook

Turns out sweet and adorkable Robbie Shapiro from Victorious has a dark and kinky side. Actor Matt Bennett performed an original monologue Saturday (March 4) that is actually titled, "I Want To Fuck A Demon." Yes, really.

In the video, Bennett — whose hair channels that of The 1975's Matty Healy, according to comments — goes into grave detail about wanting "a winged demon woman to come to [him] in the middle of the night and to take [him] away" to her home in Hell to "have her way with [him]." Um, excuse me? If Rex the Puppet were here right now, this would've been the perfect setup for him to deliver a killer punch line.

The video only gets weirder as it goes on, and it's safe to say our childhood has now completely been obliterated. Bye forever, innocence!

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