The Man Who Wrote That Superman Movie Everyone Hates On Why Video Game Movies Are Horrible (And Makes Some Very Valid Points)


David S Goyer is the guy who penned the script for "Man of Steel", which many people did not like. Though he also wrote the screenplay for "The Dark Knight Rises", which more people liked. Turns out, he also wrote a pair of video games, "Call of Duty: Black Ops" and its sequel.

Which is why, given how his resume includes both films and games, he might be somewhat qualified to comment on why video game movies are so awful. And his take on the matter actually make a whole lot of sense.

According to an interview with Digital Spy, Goyer also points out certain advantages that video games have over motion pictures as well:

"I think the reason is actually pretty simple: most good video games are about immersive environments. If it's a first-person shooter you are the character. Most games, and this is changing, tend not to have strong characters. If you think about video games you think about how cool that level was, I did this or I did that.

You realize that if you're adapting an environment or a milieu for film, a video game actually does a better job of it. A film will never do as good a job or immersive a job as the video game.

Once we start seeing video games that have memorable characters then I think we'll start seeing more successful video game adaptations. We'll see if Assassin's Creed works, that seems the best candidate right now."

Goyer believes that one of the main reasons why the "Tomb Raider" flicks worked so well is because of the strengths of the Laura Croft character, though one has to assume that Angelina Jolie was a major contributing factor as well.

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