Watch Remy Ma Go Shopping With Shayne Oliver At Opening Ceremony

What's Remy Ma been doing since being released from prison after turning herself in for involvement with a shooting back in 2008? Well for one, she's been putting out music. Oh, and she's been shopping with Hood By Air's founder and creative director, Shayne Oliver.

The two met up for Opening Ceremony’s series "Shop Talk," where they perused the racks of the boutique to discuss the Bronx native's own personal style, which Ma calls "couture hip hop." Couture hip hop–according to Remy–is the melding of being a fashionable girl and being sexy while still maintaining an edge. Like us, the "Conceited" rapper likes to mix wearing feminine staples with masculine pieces, like a well-worn pair of Timbs or Nike Air Maxes with a prairie dress.

Remy brings up a number of valid points while browsing through some of OC's high-end pieces: Sneakers don't need to be regulated to days off; pony hair fitted caps can be worn by both men and women; and oversized "men's shirts" don't necessarily have to be catalogued in the men's section. Remy indicates that she could easily turn a man's shirt into dress, and that ideally, clothing would be unisex with an emphasis on being comfortable. Our new shopping mantra is officially "Why are these men's?" because we are feeling that so hard.

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Our only complaint? Not seeing Remy actually try on any of the clothes she pulled, but TBH, we couldn't stop staring at her Swarovski crystal Minnie Mouse headband that she's sporting the duration of the video anyway. Let's just say we're pretty excited about part two of the series which comes out next week.