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'Faking It' Fans: What The Hell Just Happened?

A dream within a dream? What does this inceptioning MEAN?!

Dreams are supposed to shed light on the truth of our subconscious, but on tonight's "Faking It" Season 2 finale, they only compounded the confusion.

After Amy admitted she and Liam were equally responsible for their affair, Karma found herself in the middle of a nightmare. She was initially willing to spare Amy from her scorn but decided to let her go down with the ship instead -- and proved she was even willing to go to jail (it's a long story...) to avoid being around her ex-best friend.

Unfortunately for her, Amy was willing to punch a police officer just to stay by her side.

While in holding at the local precinct, Amy begged Karma to forgive her, and after a beautiful minute-long plea, during which Amy explained her own hurt, Karma finally conceded. She didn't quite feel ready to toss on her shared BFF necklace again, but she planned to hold it tightly until she was. And though Amy set off for her camping trip with Reagan with the air cleared, the atmosphere suddenly became particularly cloudy.


While kissing Reagan in the couple's tent that night, Amy opened her eyes and suddenly saw Karma. The recently reconciled friends exchanged their famous "Woah!"/"I know!" discourse before Amy woke up, realized she was dreaming, and that it was actually Liam next to her in the tent. Ku-whaaa?


"What are you doing here?!" Amy demanded.

"We're celebrating, remember?" Liam responded. "We duped Karma into letting us off the hook."

The two former flingers proceeded to kiss, and then...


Karma woke up, on top of Liam, in Hester High's art room, and realized she'd dreamed the whole thing. Or had she...?

"Faking It" fans, after seeing the episode's final sequence, we don't know up from down or black from white. Was it all a dream and, if so, what does it say about Karma's state of mind? Sound off on the very Inceptionish ending!